Supernail GT


  • Supernail GT standard: pertrochanteric, intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric femoral fractures.
  • Supernail GT long: pertrochanteric diaphyseal femoral fractures, long subtrochanteric fractures, revision surgery.
  • Material:

  • titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) with Type II anodic treatment (TI-Ox)
  • Technical features:

  • 2 range of sizes:
  • standard nail with length 180 and 205 mm
  • long nail with length from 280 to 440 mm (increases of 20 mm) and anatomic (right and left)
  • Cervical diaphyseal angle 125° and 130°
  • Proximal Ø 15,5 and distal Ø 10 for a lesser invasive approach
  • Screws:
  • Anti-rotation and anti-migration cephalic screw, Ø 10,5 mm, available with length from 70 to 120 mm
  • Distal screw Ø 4,5 mm with length from 24 to 100 mm.
  • Locking plug with 3 offsets (0mm -5mm -15mm) which prevents the proximal inner thread from ossification, thus ensuring an easy removal of the implant.
  • Proximal blocking screw designed to fit into one of the 8 grooves of the cephalic screw to avoid its rotation/migration and to allow a controlled sliding under axial load.
  • Fluted end distal extremity to make easier the insertion into the medullary canal and allow a progressive reduction of mechanical strength at diaphyseal level
  • A specific hole dedicated to an anti-rotation wire to be applied in case of basicervical fractures and that avoid any rotation of the femoral nail.
  • The long nail is provided with a guided centering device for distal screws locking which reduces surgery times and radiological exposure.
  • SupernailGT


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