Hot Shape Memory Staple for Foot Surgery

Technical features:

  • Material: Nitinol ASTM F 2063
  • made of a special nickel-titanium alloy with thermoelastic transformation
  • gradual fracture compression with heat
  • hot shape memory thanks to the special nickel-titanium alloy with thermoelastic transformation above 45°
  • the use of electrosurgical knife allows the action of hot shape memory and the staple tips approach allowing efficient interfragmentary compression
  • Basta l’uso dell’elettrobisturi per permettere l’azione della memoria di forma e far si che le punte della cambra e il dorso a forma di “S” compattino efficacemente per una riduzione ottimale del frammento trattato
  • the staples are supplied sterilized in suitable support that avoids the deformation in presence of accidental heat sources. They have to be stored at room temperature.
  • the staples can be mono- and bicortical with sections diam. 1,2\1,5\3 mm

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