Our production - Injection Moulding

Once design has been completed, production of LSM-MED items begins through complex processes of manufacture. Given the great variety of produced items, the machine-shop is divided into different sections in which the various materials are processed by using dedicated technology. The main production technologies are:

  • precision machining with lathes, milling machines and numerical-control 5 axis machining centers.
  • injection moulding in area ISO 7; advanced molding technology that allows the production of complex components in large quantity and with limited costs.
  • All the raw materials used, such as stainless steel, titanium alloys, chrome-cobalt-molybdenum alloys, polyethylene, CFR Peek, Radel, PLDL, PLLA comply with medical field standards. All products are marked with laser marking, punching, micro milling to allow traceability of the item..


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